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It's important to speak with your physician to determine if a clinical trial is right for you.
Medical professionals, click here for resources and information about the Hospital's Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Using Research to Enhance Care

As part of our commitment to deliver patients with high quality care, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals at Northwest Community Hospital (NCH) participate in a wide range of both clinical and non-clinical research studies. These efforts play an important role in the advancement of knowledge and development of clinical care practices at NCH, which ultimately lead to better patient outcomes and an enhanced level of care for our patients.

Click here to learn more about research studies performed at NCH.

Clinical Trials Close to Home

Many national clinical trials are conducted at NCH, with the goal to progress the medical field's understanding of a specific medical condition or technology. Clinical researchers and medical professionals use clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of emerging technologies, medicines, treatments and therapies.

With clinical trials performed right here in Arlington Heights, patients can remain close to home for access to progressive interventions that offer more options for treating a serious illness or medical condition. Areas of focus include cancer, cardiology, neurology and stroke care.

Click here to learn more and search for clinical trials conducted at Northwest Community Hospital.

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Last modified: 02/29/2012